Straighten Your Smile


Straighter, more uniform teeth can influence your day-to-day mood and sense of self-confidence in noticeable ways. Even better, they’re likely to actually benefit your oral health too by improving overall bite function and making it easier to brush and floss! Understandably, many adults don’t want to commit to years of wearing noticeable metal braces, which is why Cimarron Family Dentistry has an alternative: Invisalign Clear Braces. Invisalign treatment is image-friendly and easy to use. If you’d like to explore whether or not you’re a good candidate for this type of care, contact our Hurst, TX dental office today and schedule a consultation.
invisalign as an orthodontic solution in hurst
invisalign orthodontics clear braces

Invisalign® Clear Braces

Unlike the traditional wire-and-bracket model of traditional orthodontics, Invisalign relies on an entirely different kind of system. Patients will wear a customized series of aligners instead. Each aligner is designed to represent a different stage of gradual tooth movement, and they’re worn for an average of two weeks each before switching to the next one in the provided set. Patients will also need to plan to attend brief progress appointments here in Hurst every six weeks so that our dentists can track your smile’s changes and ensure that everything is going smoothly.

One of the biggest benefits of Invisalign treatment is right there in the name – the clear aligners are very subtle when worn, which means that most people you see in a day won’t even realize they’re there at all. They’re also fully removable, and patients won’t have to make significant, inconvenient changes to their diet or oral hygiene routine to accommodate their use. While every case is different, most people are finished with treatment in under two years.


At Cimarron Family Dentistry, we’re thrilled to now be offering the state-of-the-art PROPEL system, which helps make Invisalign treatment even more efficient and transformative! The process will involve our dentists creating small, strategic holes in the jawbone (also known as microosteoperforations), which help make the movement of teeth far more effective over time. It also increases blood flow, resulting in well-stimulated bone tissue that regrows at an accelerated rate. In many cases, pairing PROPEL with Invisalign clear aligners can cut the overall treatment time in half.

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