Soothing Your Dental Anxieties

Many patients experience mild anxiety when it comes to getting dental work done. That’s why it’s best to visit a sedation dentist in Hurst. Luckily, at Cimarron Family Dentistry, we have two of them! Dr. De Vincenzo and Dr. Saremi are both certified to provide nitrous oxide sedation to soothe your dental anxieties. If your dental fear has kept you from getting the treatment you need, not to worry. We can alleviate your worries with this easy treatment that allows you to resume your day soon afterward. Contact us to schedule your appointment and let us know you’re interested in nitrous oxide sedation.


What is Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

You have probably heard of nitrous oxide by its more common name – laughing gas. It gets that name because once it’s administered (through a mask that fits right over your nose), feelings of lightness and euphoria spread throughout your body within minutes. You will feel so overjoyed that you might even feel like laughing! This will allow you to get the dental work done that you need, completely worry-free. In fact, you might not even remember very much of the procedure after you’re finished. You will be fully conscious throughout the whole event, but your memory still might be fuzzy.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

If you experience mild to moderate anxiety around the idea of getting dental work done, then nitrous oxide sedation might be perfect for you, as it can soothe those worries with no problems. It might also be the perfect sedation for dental implants. Getting dental implants can be a somewhat nerve-wracking procedure, so it’s understandable that you would want some help relaxing.

Anxiety isn’t the only reason you might want to see a sedation dentist in Hurst. If you have sensitive teeth, gums, or gag reflex that makes getting dental work severely uncomfortable, nitrous oxide can help numb you up a little to help you get the procedure you need. It might also be helpful if you have trouble sitting still in the dental chair or need lots of dental work done in one sitting. If your child has special needs or is uncooperative, nitrous oxide might help them calm down enough for the procedure.

What Happens After Your Procedure?

After our dentists have finished your procedure, we will send pure oxygen through your nasal mask to flush the nitrous out of your system so that its effects wear off as quickly as possible. We will do this for a few minutes, and then your mask will be removed. Following that, you will be taken to the waiting room to let the effects of the gas fully leave your system. The whole process should take around 15 to 30 minutes. Once we have determined that you are back to normal, you will be able to leave and drive yourself right back to work or school. That’s one of the main advantages of nitrous oxide sedation – it wears off quickly enough for you to resume your day pretty soon afterwards!

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