Repair Injured & Hurting Teeth Seamlessly

Whether you’re struggling with a small cavity or several badly broken teeth, a smile that isn’t at its best is very likely to drain your confidence and wellbeing over time. Dr. Saremi and Dr. De Vincenzo strongly believe that it’s never too late to get dental health back on the right track, which is why Cimarron Family Dentistry offers several restorative services and same-day emergency dentistry. Our dedicated team can recreate strong, attractive dental structure that feels and looks very similar to what was lost – to get started, all you need to do is schedule a visit here in Hurst, TX.


Tooth-Colored Fillings

Many older patients likely still have traditional amalgam fillings in their smiles, but today’s modern solution to cavities is a big improvement over this age-old restorative method. Our dentists now rely on composite resin, which comes in a wide spectrum of enamel-like shades that can be beautifully matched to your natural teeth. In addition to the clear aesthetic benefits, tooth-colored fillings are also more conservative and comfortable because of their metal-free nature. Patients won’t need to worry about excessive sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods!

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are named as such because they’re designed to completely fit over the top of the tooth’s visible structure, both protecting what remains and rebuilding the damaged portions. This type of restorative care may be recommended when a natural tooth has a large cavity, recently suffered an injury, or has become noticeably weakened over time. They’re also often paired with traditional dental bridges and dental implants for seamless, attractive tooth replacement.

One-Visit Dental Restorations

In order to save our patients valuable time, Dr. Saremi and Dr. De Vincenzo strive to offer same-day restorative care whenever possible. This means that you can often walk in with a pained or injured tooth and leave a short while later with a new addition that provides the protection and revitalization you need – no further scheduling or “temporary” work required. Simply put, this approach maximizes convenience without compromising on quality!

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