Lost Teeth? We’ve Got Lifelike Solutions

An incomplete smile can negatively affect your life in ways you may not even realize at first. Suddenly, that juicy steak you used to enjoy is very difficult to chew properly, or maybe you’re stumbling over certain sounds while chatting with friends. At Cimarron Family Dentistry, we offer several replacement solutions for patients in need and will create personalized treatment plans based on your goals, preferences, and available budget. Our end goal is always the same, though – to leave you with brand-new teeth that are reliably strong and confident for years to come. Contact us in Hurst, TX to schedule your first consultation with Dr. Saremi or Dr. De Vincenzo.


Dental Bridges

Have you lost one or more teeth that used to appear consecutively in the mouth? Under these circumstances, a dental bridge can work wonders in replenishing a sturdy and attractive smile. This style of prosthetic is named as such because it literally “bridges” the empty gap, fitting into place with the support of either traditional dental crowns that fit over healthy adjacent teeth or placed dental implants. At Cimarron Family Dentistry, we strongly encourage patients to invest in the latter approach because of its added health benefits. This modern technique also won’t require original teeth to be minimized to support the placement of new crowns.

Dentures & Partials

When thinking about possible ways to rebuild dental structure, dentures are probably what come to mind first. In today’s world, these prosthetics are more attractive, durable, and functional than ever before, and our dentists will provide plenty of custom personalization to ensure an ideal fit for each patient in need, whether they’re missing a small number of teeth or an entire arch. When possible, we prefer outfitting dentures with state-of-the-art dental implants for added permanence and stability.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the clear frontrunner for lifelike and long-lasting tooth replacement today. Their revolutionary structure replenishes the natural tooth root in addition to the white crown, providing an enduring foundation that stimulates the jawbone and prevents gradual deterioration. The final result is virtually seamless from natural teeth in every way that matters, from the overall feel to the level of function to the aesthetic value of the new addition.

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