Multiple Missing Teeth Replaced in an Effective Manner

If you have multiple teeth missing, then you’re fortunate to have a reliable and effective option for replacing them: dental implant placement. Unlike other methods of replacing multiple teeth, that provide restoration from the gums up, dental implants in Hurst restore the tooth in its entirety – anchoring at the root level. To experience the benefits of dental implant placement, contact Cimarron Family Dentistry today to schedule a consultation!


Here are some of the traditional methods of replacing multiple missing teeth:

The Dental Implant Difference

If you choose the dental implant route, then you won’t have to worry about relying on other structures to provide security. Instead, a cylinder-shaped titanium post is attached directly to the jawbone to recreate the natural anchoring that a toot root provides. In addition to offering more stability, this method also allows for better preservation of the surrounding teeth.

To ensure you have a successful procedure, Dr. De Vincenzo or Dr. Saremi will perform a thorough examination, which will include 3D scans that allow for analysis of every aspect of your current state. Then, one or more implants will be strategically placed. After you’ve healed sufficiently, your dentist in Hurst will add an abutment and an implant-retained crown, bridge or partial or full denture.

The Benefits of Dental Implant Placement

The perks of receiving dental implants are numerous. Here are a few that make it a worthwhile procedure to undergo:

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To learn more about the dental implant process and how beneficial it can be for you, contact us at Cimarron Family Dental to schedule an appointment today. Helping you lead a happy and fulfilling life is our number one goal!
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