How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last

If you’re thinking of whitening your teeth, you’ll want to know if the expenditure is worthwhile. It’s understandable; no one wants to waste money on something that won’t work or that will vanish shortly.

However, you should be aware that the answer to the question “How long does teeth whitening last?” is dependent on the type of whitening solution you use and the reason your teeth lost their sparkling whites in the first place.

How Our Teeth Become Discolored

Our baby teeth are wonderfully white and healthy when they first appear. These minor alterations build up to discolor teeth, cause dental problems when eating and drinking, and establish unhealthy habits.

Many of these problems can be avoided by practicing good oral hygiene and scrubbing away organisms that otherwise stain teeth. Some people, however, have genetic issues such as weak tooth enamel or other factors that make tooth discoloration more likely.

You’re unhappy with your present shade, and you want to know how to whiten teeth in a way that lasts. Whether it’s because of your regular coffee, red wine, or soda habits, or for another reason, we’ll go over the different options you have and how they work in this article.

Breaking Down Over the Counter Products

There are dozens of whitening products on the market that promise a dazzling smile right away. Finding one that works and lasts, on the other hand, is another story.

The stamp of approval from the American Dental Association should be the first thing you look for in any whitener (ADA). If you use the product as prescribed, the degree of whitening agent in the product should be safe for your tooth enamel and gums.

The issue is that when using whitening toothpaste or another product on your own, it’s easy to overdo it or overuse it. Because you don’t always comprehend the risks, you think it’s no big issue to leave whitening strips or trays on for a few minutes longer than the recommendations specify.

The Dangers of OTC Whitening Trays and Other Products

When you use a whitening product, the substance that removes the stains from your teeth is a chemical. And we’ve been told since we were children not to put chemicals in our mouths!

The American Dental Association permits the whitening chemicals used in most products. As an active component, they use hydrogen peroxide gel or carbamide peroxide. To avoid harm to your enamel and gums, be sure to follow the instructions precisely in order.

How OTC Whitening Options Work

Surface stains can be removed with a high-quality whitening product like these peroxides in tiny dosages. Depending on the intensity of the product, you can see results in as little as a few hours or as long as a few days.

However, because they only deal with surface stains, the whiter appearance may fade quickly.

Surface Stains Leave Easy, But They Come Back Fast

You must be very careful about what you eat and drink if you want your teeth to stay white. Drinking coffee and red wine, as well as eating sugary meals, will have to be eliminated from your lifestyle.

Otherwise, whitening strips or a whitening gel tray will only last as long as you maintain your teeth clean, avoid discoloring behaviors, and practice good oral hygiene to eliminate stains.

Having Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

A professional whitening procedure is the other alternative. These are done in the dentist’s office during a visit. The dental expert can go behind the surface stains and into the dentin since they have access to higher-grade whiteners. You can trust that when you’re in the dentist’s chair, you’re getting the greatest professional whitening treatments available because the ingredients must adhere to stringent sourcing requirements.

The dentin layer beneath your enamel is what causes your teeth to discolor. An in-office treatment is a way to go if you want brighter teeth that last.

What Happens in a Professional Teeth Whitening Session?

When you visit a cosmetic dentist for a professional teeth whitening procedure, you’ll notice that your smile brightens up in less than an hour. Sure, it takes time out of your day, but teeth whitening lasts longer than over-the-counter treatments, making it more efficient.

There are various choices depending on the dental clinic you visit to get your teeth whitened. Some dentists offer laser teeth whitening sessions, while others clean your teeth with special polishing substances.

Your dentist will discuss your whitening objectives with you. There are typically eight different hues of white teeth to pick from. Once you’ve devised a strategy for aesthetic teeth whitening, the next step is to execute it.

What to Expect With In-Office Whitening Treatments

Regardless of the option you choose, they all begin with a dental cleaning. This process polishes smoothens and prepares your teeth for the bleaching agents.

Protecting your gums and sensitive tissue from the bleaching agent will be the following step. This is a standard procedure that prevents the whitener from coming into contact with your soft tissue.

The laser teeth whitening treatment is a unique method that involves the application of a concentrated bleaching gel to your teeth. The laser activates the gel, which whitens your teeth.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last With a Professional Treatment?

This procedure whitens your teeth for the longest period of time out of all the possibilities. Low quantities of peroxide are found in mouth rinses, whitening pens, and whitening toothpaste. You must use them for a long time to see the benefits, and they can harm your teeth and enamel.

Strips and trays work faster, but the surface of your enamel begins to yellow again as soon as you stop using them.

Keep in mind that some drugs can cause internal tooth discoloration. If this is the case, speak with your dentist about your alternatives. Attempting to whiten teeth that have been stained due to medication does not always result in success.

Schedule a Cosmetic Whitening Treatment Today

If you don’t like your smile, it can have an impact on your self-esteem and many of your relationships. Find out what your alternatives are by calling your dentist. You might be surprised to learn that professional teeth whitening is less difficult than you believe!

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