In today’s world, image is everything, and that includes your smile. As much as we hate to admit it, having a straight white smile can transform several aspects of our lives, from personal to professional. The best way to ensure your smile is beautiful is to visit your cosmetic dentist in Mid Cities. Here are 5 benefits that can come from having a straighter, whiter smile.

1. Professional Success

According to several studies, people with more attractive smiles are much more likely to get hired after a job interview. Not only that, but they are also typically offered a higher pay rate than those who don’t have conventionally attractive teeth. In fact, a recent study by Kelton Research had participants look at images of people with varying tooth issues and describe them, unaware that they were being asked to compare people with crooked teeth to people with straight teeth. Not surprisingly, those with straight teeth were perceived as happier and more successful.

2. Make a Great First Impression

Your smile is truly one of the first things people notice about you. If you’re embarrassed of your grin and try to hide it away, you might come across as rude or standoffish to someone you just met, even if you’re really the friendliest person out there. However, if you have a smile you can be proud of, you’ll want to show it off, and people will have only nice things to say about you.

3. Higher Self-Confidence

Researchers who studied teens and young adults have confirmed that those with discolored enamel or misaligned teeth were more likely to be embarrassed or shy about their appearance. Teens especially are extremely self-conscious about the way they look, proving that smiles are a big deal when it comes to making impressions on people.

4. Straighter Teeth Are Healthier Teeth

When your teeth are misaligned or overcrowded, they can become harder to brush and floss effectively. If your teeth are harder to clean, it increases your chances of developing problems like cavities and gum disease. By getting your teeth straightened, they will be easier to keep clean and healthy.

5. You’ll Smile More and Feel Happier

Studies have shown that people who smile more frequently live longer and healthier lives in general. The act of smiling has been linked to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduced stress and anxiety, and a stronger immune system. It has also been proven to release endorphins that actually make you feel better. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, it can improve your mood! Now you see the benefits of having a gorgeous smile. By visiting your cosmetic dentist in Mid Cities, you too can have the straight white smile of your dreams.

About the Author

Dr. Sara Saremi obtained her doctorate from the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. She has also achieved certification in Invisalign to give you the straight smile you deserve. Her practice, Cimarron Family Dentistry in Hurst, TX, also offers teeth whitening to take your smile to the next level. To learn more about how Dr. Saremi can revamp your grin, contact her via her website or by phone at (817) 268-1112.
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